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The first interest of cinema was in recording movement. Cinematography derives from Greek: kinema – “movement” and graphein – “to record”

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PARADISO is a series of interactive installations, expanding the cinematic experience of a dancefilm into physicality. with the levels “senses” and “spaces”. The hidden dancer’s and the camera’s movement paths are attached to the viewers position and perception.

In the first level of PARADISO – senses, presented at 18th and 19th February at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, the viewer is been “touched” by the dancers movement. Actuator sensors with Electroactive Polymers give a tactile feedback on the skin of the viewer. Image, sound, wind and evaporated perfumes activate all senses: sight, hearing, touch and smell.

The second level PARADISO – spaces (release Spring 2013) connects the viewer’s kinesphere to the camera movement path of the film. Watching the dancers movements in the film makes the viewer moving. Finally the viewer generates a custom “physical montage” of the PARADISO footage.

Concept, Direction: Bertha and Maite Bermúdez, Chris Ziegler
Production: Chris Ziegler – movingimages (DE) and Las Negras Productions (NL/SP)
Software, Space: Chris Ziegler
Dance: Bertha Bermúdez (inspired by EG | PC choreography)
Costume: Clifford Poitiers
Film director: Maite Bermúdez
Camera operator: Paul Colangelo
First Assistant Camera: Randy Maldonado, Gavin Fernandez
Grip: Sean McCague, Kurt Schwartz
Swing: Neil Kelly
DIT:  Sam Kratchmere
Editing: Maite Bermúdez
Music:  Music from Emio Greco | PC’s HELL, PURGATORIO, you PARA | DISO and  Mikel Salas

PARADISO is the last phase of the film project film trilogy IMAGINED DANTE by Las Negras Productions, Imagined Hell, Imagined Purgatory and Imagined Paradiso.  This project is inspired by choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten and their own trilogy of Dante’s trilogy, Inferno, Purgatorio and you Para | Diso.

With support from The Amsterdam International Choreographic Arts Center ICK/Emio Greco | PC (NL) and Flying Elephant Foundation – Gregory Colbert (USA/FR). Support by Landshauptstadt München, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany.

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