PARADISO -senses + spaces

The interactive Installation PARADISO -senses + spaces is a collaboration with new media designer and visual artists Chris Ziegler  (2013).

“Addio alla Finne”

Is a collaboration with dance company Emio Greco | PC to create a film that is part of their performance Addio alla Fine created in 2012.

“Eilen Shakspeare”

“Eilen Shakspeare” (2008) premiered at the Teatro Tantarantana is the theater performance that initiated the artistic collaboration between theater director Marta Gil Polo and film director Maite Bermudez. Images used as scenography or as small details to create textures for a theater performance are central to this interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tantarantana, Barcelona

During spring 2010 the alternative theater Tantarantana, working in Barcelona since 1995, requested Maite Bermudez to create a film documentary for the celebration of their 18th aniversary. Looking at the history, impact and the engagement of Tantarantana with the Spanish avangard theater has been the biggest and most interesting challenge of this collaboration.

Escuela Navarra de Teatro, Pamplona

Following a long personal relation with this alternative institution, Bertha Bermudez has since 2010 been invited to teach workshops for actors at Escuela Navarra de Teatro. Looking at relations between text/words, mental states, qualities  and the creation of movement, Bermudez is using this collaboration to further understand and research the potential relationships between words and movement.

Accademia Mobile | Exchange – Ickamsterdam, Amsterdam

Since 2009 Maite Bermudez has been part of  Practical Dramaturgies, an intensive workshop part of Iclamsterdam Accademia Mobile | Exchange program dealing with dance creation and education activities . Hosted by Operaestate Bassano Italy this program focuses on the potential relationships between the dramaturgy of dance and cinema. Bermudez has been teaching script writing for fiction to dancers, choreographers and film makers.

Double Skin/Double Mind, Amsterdam

Invited in 2005 by dance company Emio Greco | PC to document the workshop Double Skin/Double Mind, Maite Bermudez initiated her  creative search towards new relations between dance and film. This documentary shows the human side of a dance workshop and captures changes to the dancers’ expectations, curiosity, and comprehension. The documentary has been shown at dance video festivals and it also forms part of the publication Capturing Intention.

Ashes and Snow, New York

Since 1993 Bertha Bermudez has been an artistic collaborator of Ashes and Snow. Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow is an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, 35mm films, art installations and a novel in letters where with profound patience and an enduring commitment to the expressive and artistic nature of animals, he has captured extraordinary interactions between humans and animals.