Bi Biyilgee

Initiated in 2009 and with a duration of 4 years,Bi Biyilgee focuses on the documentation, transmission and preservation of Bi Biyilgee a Traditional dance from West Mongolia recently inscribed at UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.  Through the collaboration with expert practitioners and teachers in both cities and rural areas as well as with the following institutions; Tumen Ekh National dance and song Ensemble (Ulaanbaatar), Department of Culture and Art (Ulaanbaatar) and Department of Education and Culture of Uvs province, Bi Biyilgee aims to preserve, transmit and develop the richness of Mongolian nomadic culture, hoping to increase awareness within the young generations on their traditions and cultural values.

The objectives of the project are;

  • to create a research methodology based on the use or oral transmission within the praxis of dance in three different circles; nomadic, academic and performing in theaters,
  • use the gathered information of the research to create the interactive film documentary  ”Bi Biyilgee, the dance of Life”.

Both results will be developed, distributed and presented in Mongolia and in order to make this possible, special interest will be place on the setting up of a Mongolian interdisciplinary team of experts that will make possible that Bi Biyilgee becomes a long lasting sustainable project. Educational activities like workshops and lectures on the fields of cinematography, contemporary dance and dance documentation will be developed and made possible through the collaboration with Arts Council Mongolia and other Mongolian Institutions. Special help in translations, contacts and inland production has been provided by New Milestones.
At this moment this project is founded by Flying Elephant Foundation and Open Society Foundation.