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Imagined Hell in Teatron
Paola Marugan has written a beautiful and sincere review on Imagined Hell at Teatron, a free community created for artists, audiences and professionals in the performing arts field.

New Award for Imagined Hell!!
During the 2011 Mexico International Film Festival, Imagined Hell has been awarded with the Bronze Palm Award.

Selected on the Top 30 at online screendance competition Dansens Dage
Instantaneous dance is a new project of Las negras and its first series Instantaneus dance #1 a 60 sec screendance film made by Maite Bermudez based on Mongolian dance, has been selected on the top 30 at online screendance competition Dansens dage

Workshop in Escuela Navarra de Teatro
During five days in March, a new edition of Dramaturgias del Cuerpo took place in Pamplona, Spain, atEscuela Navarra de Teatro as part of their movement curriculum.

New Premier!!
L.I.P. Los Incredibles Purgatorio premiered December 12th at Cinedans Film Festival in Amsterdam.  We hope to have it at many other festivals soon!!